PAG Flooring Systems GmbH

PAG Flooring Systems was founded on the believe, that different climates need different materials and approach. Our team of Chemists and Installers are continuously developing our products further to make sure that we can give you the best possible product for your climate, taking into consideration the seasons, humidity, temperature and installation preference.

Granules for Sport and Playground Surfaces

We offer EPDM Virgin granules for sport and leisure surfaces and as infill to artificial turf in many different colours.

Planning, Installation and Maitenance

From the first ideas to the “Ready to Play” Playground, our Team of Enigneers and Installers will be on your side and support you where they can.

PAGplay 2D & 3D items and PAG EPDM Mix-Colours

Our PAGplay 2D & 3D items are the perfect Add-on for every playground and our famous PAG EPDM Mix-Colours can reduce the price of your safety flooring by up to 15%

EPDM granules are used for sport and recreational facilities, as a top layer or as an infill for artificial turf. Our different SBR granules in combination with our PU-binders reach superior fall-heights and make sure you get your surface certified after EN1177:2018. Our Systems PAGplay and PAGsports are normally used as surfaces for the following:

  •  Running Tracks
  •  Football Field
  •  Playgrounds
  •  School Yards
  •  Sports & Gymnastic Halls
  •  Tennis Courts
  •  Golf Fields
PAG EPDM Colour Chart