PAGsports – Sports Flooring

Our different PAGsports Sports Flooring Systems offer a smooth and non-slip surface for all different individuall and team sports

PAGsports – Running Tracks

2-Layer Elastic Seamless Running Track Flooring of 13.5mm total thickness. PAGsport – Running Track is a PU-based, water impermeable and spike resistant sandwich system for running tracks, jogging tracks and multi-use Areas.

PAGsports – Jogging Tracks

3-Layer Elastic Seamless Jogging Track Flooring of 20mm total thickness. PAGsports – Jogging Track consists of a shock-pad base-layer of 18mm of SBR Granules mixed with MDI PU Binder. On top of that a second layer of flexible PU pore-filler followed by UV resistant aliphatic top-coat.

PAGsports – One Layer EPDM Sports Flooring

A 1-Layer Elastic Seamless Sports Flooring of 10-15mm total thickness. PAGplay – EPDM Single Layer Sports Flooring is a water-permeable system of EPDM bound with MDI-based Polyurethane Binder. So it is ideal for Playgrounds and Multi-Game-Areas and fulfils the requirements of EN71.3

Gym Flooring

Our In- or Outdoor flexible, acrylic sports flooring System. It is Ideal for tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball and football courts, as well as any other sport courts. Our Gym Flooring is a combination of wet-pour acrylic coatings in total average thickness of 4mm – 4.5mm.