PAGsports – Running Track – Broadcast Running Track System

picture of a PAGsports running track in a school in Dubai, UAE
PAGsports Running Track in a school in Dubai

Total Thickness PAGsports – Running Track: 13.5mm

2-Layer Elastic Seamless Running Track Flooring of 13.5mm total thickness PAGsports -Running Track is a PU-based, water impermeable and spike resistant sandwich system for running tracks, jogging tracks and multi-use areas. PAGsports – Running Track fulfils all requirements of DIN, EN and IAAF.


Profile Running Track
Profile of PAGsports Running Track

Subbase of fully cured (at least 28 days) asphalt free of any dirt or spillage, that might prevent bonding of the rubber to the asphalt.

PU Primer PAG PP1000 applied by roller on top of the subbase.

SBR layer consisting of SBR1040 mixed with PU Binder PAG PB3300 or PAG PB3400 installed by paving machine at 10mm thickness.

Pore-Filler layer, consisting of 3-component pore-filler PAG PV3555 (red colour) applied with metal trowel to create a nonporous layer.

Self-Levelling PU layer consisting of 2-component self-levelling PU PAG PV3555 applied with notch-trowel and spike-roller at 2mm thickness, into which a layer of EPDM250 size 1-3.5mm is broadcast.


PAG PP1000 is a solvent/PU-based 1-component primer. It cures with humidity and is used for preparing the surface for rubber flooring installations.

PAG PB3300 is a solvent free MDI/TDI-based Polyurethane binder and is used exclusively for building large-area elastic-layers with paving machines.

SBR1040 is a recycled rubber from car and truck tires of grain size 1.0-4.0mm.

PAG PV3555 is a 2-component polyurethane-based coating which is used as top-coat with broad-cast EPDM granules for running tracks. It can also be used in combination with EPDM-powder as a porefiller.

PAG EPDM1035 is a high quality virgin rubber with 25%+ polymer content. Grain size 1.0-3.5mm primarily used for top layers of running tracks or playground areas, grain size 0.0-0.5mm is used as powder for porefiller.

Component Usage in PAGsports Running Track

PAG PP1000 = 0.15kg/m2

SBR1040 = 7.5kg/m2

PAG PB3300/PB3400 = 1.5kg/m2

PAG PV3555 = 3.3kg/m2

PAG EPDM1035 = 4.0kg/m2 (~1.0kg reclaim)

PAG EPDM0005 powder = 0.5kg/m2