24/7 on your side! If needed our team of Designers, Project-Managers and Installation Technicians will guide you through your project, support you in taking decisions and do what they can to make your life stressfree.

We offer support with the following steps:

Preperation – to be sure the project can be built hassle-free we are doing on-site visits as a first step.

Ideas – our team of Designers will provide you with a couple of different ideas for each project.

Material – together we will find the perfect matrials for the needs of your Project.

Decission taking – we will point out the advantages and disadvantages of each idea, so you can take the right decission.

Installation – our team of installers will make sure your playground-flooring is perfectly installed on time.

Maitenance – if ever there is any problems or questions regarding the flooring, our support team will help you out!

Whatever is needed to make you happy, we will do it!