Our Vision

PAG Flooring Systems GmbH was founded on the believe, that different climates need different materials and approach. We want to provide flooring solutions for every kind of budget in all parts of the world. Our team of Chemists and Installers are continuously developing our products further to make sure that we can give you the best possible product for your climate. We are taking into consideration the seasons, humidity, temperature as well as your personal installation preferences.

Our biggest aim is to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. No matter if you just need a few barrels of aromatic binder or a couple of containers full of EPDM granules, we will always make sure the pricing is transparent and as low as possible.

All our materials – EPDM & SBR granules, aromatic and aliphatic binders, top coats, primers and all the tools required to install them – are constantly getting tested and improved. This is how we make sure that the quality of the components is always at the highest level to ensure that our flooring is the most durable and safest on the market.