PAGplay EPDM Safety Flooring

picture of a playground with PAGplay EPDM safety flooring in Doha
Playground with PAGplay EPDM safety flooring in Doha
picture of a playground with PAGplay EPDM safety flooring in Muscat
and a playground with PAGplay EPDM safety flooring in Muscat

Total Thickness 30-140mm

2-Layer Elastic Seamless Playground Flooring of 30-140mm total thickness. PAGplay EPDM Safety Flooring is a water-permeable system of SBR and EPDM bound with MDI-based Polyurethane Binder. It is ideal for Playgrounds and Multi-Game-Areas and fulfils the requirements of EN1177 and EN71.3


  • Subbase of fully cured (at least 28 days) asphalt or concrete free of any dirt or spillage, that might prevent bonding of the rubber to the asphalt.
  • Alternatively, unbound surfaces can be used, but horizontal movement is possible and might lead to detachment from the concrete borders of the rubberized area.
  • PU Primer PP1000 applied by roller on top of the subbase (skip for unbound surface).
  • Elastic layer consisting of SBR (recommended granule size 1.0-4.0mm) mixed with PU Binder PB3300 installed at 20-125mm thickness. Alternatively the Elastic layer can be built with PAG mSBR – Fresh Medical SBR and PAG rSBR – Recycling SBR
  • PU Primer PP1000 to be applied by roller on top of elastic SBR layer.
  • EPDM layer consisting of EPDM1035 (granules of 1.0 – 3.5mm size) mixed with PU Binders PB3300 or PB3400 installed at 10-15mm thickness.

Color Chart

Note: Colors marked with an * are recommended to be applied with Aliphatic Binder PB3400 Aromatic Polyurethane Binder will yellow under influence of UV (sunlight). This yellowing is normal and does not influence the quality of the materials, but will change the look of the colours. This effect will wear off after 3-5 months, as the surface binder will be weathered off.

PAG EPDM Mix-Colours

Our PAG EPDM Mix-Colours can increase the visual value of your playground!

Recommended Thickness

Note: The below values are average values derived from many tests on sites and in the laboratory. Based on EN1177, the final Free Fall Height Values (HIC1000) depend on many conditions like temperature, humidity, troweling strength and others. For certification, inspection needs to be raised at site.

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Free Fall Height EN1171


Free Fall Height ASTM1292

3 Feet

4 Feet
5 Feet
6 Feet
7 Feet
8 Feet
9 Feet