PAG EPDM Mix-Colours

PAG EPDM “Forrest-Mix”
PAG EPDM “Ocean-Mix”
PAG EPDM “Rainbow-Mix”
PAG EPDM “Rainbow-Mix”

EPDM offers endless oportunities! Breathtaking designs with different colours perfectly fitting to the Play Equipment. Every child, ever adult, basically everyone got an idea of the perfect playground anywhere in their head.

Like everywhere else in life, the biggest problem with putting great ideas into reality is money. Most people consider EPDM as being expensive and even after explaining the Long time value of EPDM a million times there will Always be projects that don’t fit into the pricerange of EPDM; not even the really cheap stuff from China (which we honsetly would never even talk about)

Thats exactly where the PAG EPDM Mix-Colours come into place

By using the PAG Mix-Colours instead or in combination with our 19 standard colours, on the one hand, the visual value of the playground can be increased. On the other hand due to the low cost of our EPDM colour mixes, the price of the flooring can be reduced by up to 15%, compared to our standard colours.

The following Colour Mixes are availiable

“Forrest-Mix” – a mix of different greens

“Dessert-Mix” – different yellows

“Ocean-Mix” – different blues

“Vulcano-Mix” – different reds

“Rainbow-Mix” – different colours

At the Moment we are producing all the Mix-Colours in Batches of 3.600 kg. The different badges vary a littlebit from each other – the rainbow-mixes normally vary more, the colour-mixes less. The colour difference of some batches are hard to see when looking at the loose EPDM material, but will defenitely be obvious on bigger areas. For this reason we don’t recommend mixing different batches. When using our PAG EPDM Mix-Colours, please always order a few kilo spare material as it is far easier to use the leftovers at an other Project than running out of a material which is unique.

Currently we got the following Mixes availiable

PAG EPDM Forrest-Mix”

Batch 21
Batch 22
Batch 23

PAG EPDM “Dessert-Mix”

PAG EPDM “Ocean-Mix”

Batch 13

PAG EPDM “Vulcano-Mix”

PAG EPDM “Rainbow-Mix”

Batch 16
Batch 19
Batch 20
Batch 22