PAGplay – 2D & 3D items

PAGplay 2D item - crab in aliphatic colours
PAGplay – 2D crab
PAGplay 3D item - ant-hill, size: big (60cm)
PAGplay – 3D ant-hill

Our PAGplay 2D & 3D items are the perfect Add-ons for every playground! No matter if you want to support the “topic” of the play area, add playvalue to keep the kids entertained or you just want to add a real eye-catcher, PAGplay 2D & 3D items will fit your needs!

Currently we got more than 250 2D items and more than a 100 3D items in our range. From simple shapes like circles, squares and triangles to complex structures like animals, street signs or jumping games, our 2D range offers additional play value for all ranges of age. Our 3D items range from small hills and bouncers to our famous 3D animal range with more then 50 different 3D animals that can easily replace conventional play-equipment and take your playground to a new level.

Feel free to contact us for our PAGplay 2D & 3D items catalogue to see the entire spectrum of possibilities.

PAGplay 3D item - elephant with 2D trunk and ears
PAGplay – 3D elephant
PAGplay 2D items - seastar
PAGplay – 2D seastar
PAGplay 3D items - whale with 3D tail and fountain plus 2 Little hills
PAGplay – 3D whale and other items
PAGplay – 3D Stone with number